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Miscellaneous Club News

We have a new Garden YouTube Channel for all of our Zoom program videos, including the 2021 Nature In View walkthrough video! Garden YouTube Channel

There is a new version of the instructions for preparing DPI Entries for entry in our Online Zoom Competitions. It is available from the Downloads page.

Nature in View 2019 photos can be viewed in our online gallery HERE.

Old issues of Garden Photo Talk are available from the Newsletter Archive page.

Registering for the GPS Email Group

We have moved from Yahoo Groups to The address of our new group is This is now the preferred method of group communication. If you have not joined the new group, or if you have not received an invitation to join, please use this link to join. If you don’t receive an invitation to join, check your spam folder or Contact us. Once you have joined, you can just type in your browser and login to see the Garden Photo Society in your groups.

Garden CACCA Teams

[TBD] We have registered 2 teams with CACCA for their Club competition, and have divided the current membership equally among the two. The teams are: GPS I team consists of Don DeDonato, Bob Marin (team leader), Carlos Cardona, Howard Frank, Barry Rosenberg, Marty Winn and Daniel Kravitz. GPS II team includes Barbara Dunn, Rich Fisher (team leader), Karen Frischman, Gerald Ritchie, Laura Dudnik, Paul Cherner, Gary Kramer, Ken Duszynski, and Marti Buckely. The attempt was to separate the club into 2 roughly equivalent teams where each team has some members who are class A and B. As other members jump in, they will have to be assigned to a team. Individuals who have entered CACCA Individual competitions in previous years were assigned their previous class; new participants will be assigned B for their 1st year.