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Hands on with the new Canon EOS R System

Kelly Anderson of Canon Pro Marketing Field Support brought us the new Canon EOS R mirrorless with various lenses to play with in our Corporate Photography lab yesterday. The new body feels really solid, and the new 24-105 kit lens is a thing of beauty. The camera feels nicely balanced with the new 24-105 mounted. This camera boasts an impressive EV-6 focus sensitivity– two stops faster than a 5DMkIV. Basically, you can focus in the dark with this thing. For videographers, Canon log is included; you don’t have to pay extra for it. The only questionable change I saw compared to a standard Canon DSLR is the new pushbutton bar on the back, which is assignable to various functions. That will take some getting used to but you might like it. Similar to Canon DSLR bodies, there is no in-body stabilization. It works with in-lens IS only.

There are three new adapters that will allow you to use your existing Canon glass with the new EOS R. The least expensive one is less than $100. All of them allow you to use the full features of your lens.

An important benefit of these new adapters is that you will be able to use any EF or EF-S lens with the new camera. When you mount an EF-S lens, the camera will automatically switch to crop sensor mode and you’ll see the display reflect this.

Battery life appears to be very good; more or less comparable to present DSLR bodies, plus it uses the same battery as a 5DMkIV, for example. So you can use your existing LP-E6N batteries.

In addition to the new Canon RF 24-105 f/4L, we also got to play with the RF 50 f/1.2L lens. This is a beautiful piece of glass. Not cheap, though.

This is just the first in a series of new mirrorless bodies coming from Canon. Expect both higher and lower end models in the future, as well as lots of new compatible lenses.

Kelly mentioned that she is available for presentations at local clubs, so if that is something that would interest the group, we could look into it.

Software Updates

If you use the (excellent!) free FastStone Image Viewer, it has just been updated (9/19/2018) to version 6.6. You can download it from their website. Incidentally, this is much more than a “viewer” and among other things it is great for resizing images easily and quickly. Ask Edgar for a demo at one of the club meetings if interested.

If you use Canon Digital Photo Professional, the latest version is It has just been released (10-4-18). The other Canon apps were updated in January and February of 2018.

If you use Nikon Capture NX-D, the current version is 1.5.0. If you use View NX-i, the current version is 1.3.0.

Photomatix HDR software was recently updated. The current version is 6.1.1.

Aurora 2018 HDR software was also recently updated. The current version of Aurora is 1.2.0.

Luminar 2018 software was updated several times this year. The current version is 1.3.1.

On1 Photo Raw 2018 has been updated to version 2018.5.

Topaz Studio is currently at version 1.12.0.

For most of these, you can get the updates from within the app by clicking on “Check for Updates” (or similar). You don’t have to search for them on the developer’s website.

Firmware Updates

Nikon D810, Df, D610, D500, and D750, D850, D3400,  D5600, D7500, D5300 and D7200 cameras all had firmware updates in June, 2018. D5 had an update in May, 2018. Other Nikon models were also updated earlier this year. Launch Nikon Message Center (if you have it) to check for the latest versions and download them.

Various Canon models have had firmware updates during the past year. Canon does not have an app like the Nikon Message Center that tells you which ones at a glance. The easiest way to find them is to go to Canon USA Support at this page and type in your model number. This will bring you to the support page for your model where you can check for software and hardware updates and download them.

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